Show customers where they can find you

If you run a brick-and-mortar retail store or a local pickup spot alongside your online store, it's good practice to show visitors of your Shopify shop where they can find you. It's a great way to turn visitors of your online store who are local into customers of your physical store.

It's also a good way to show first-time visitors who don't know you yet that you're not "just" an online store. A physical store at a real physical address just has a way of giving you the kind of credibility that having only an online store can't.

Show, don't tell

Of course you could just list the address of your physical store on your online store somewhere in the footer. But a map that shows that familiar red pin and the name of your store is infinitely more eye-catching. A (Google) map also lets visitors read your Google Business reviews or get navigation directions to your store with just a click or two. A map is a visual and interactive advertisement for your retail store.

Despite its apparent usefulness, Dawn doesn't have a map section. Of course you can always manually integrate one into your theme, but that's a hassle and requires a modicum of technical know-how.

With the Maps Extra you can add an interactive Google Map with your store's location anywhere in Dawn, be it the homepage or any other page. A handy overly also lets you list your opening times and customers can navigate to your store with the click of a button.

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