Sticky Badge

Add floating badges to your theme

Sometimes you may want to display things on your store that are always visible, no matter where the visitor scrolls or on which page she is. Things like review stars, special promotions, contact options or the like. That's when the Sticky Badge comes in handy.

The Sticky Badge lets you add an image to your store that is always visible in a fixed location within the browser window. Put it in any corner of the window or in the middle of one of the window sides. You can choose from a total of 8 locations so the badge doesn't interfere with any other sticky elements like chat boxes or cookie banners.

You can optionally set a link for the image to send visitors to a page with more information, a specific collection or product, etc. when they click the badge. And if it takes away too much space on small screens you can set it to not show on mobile.

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